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List of products by manufacturer LABORATOIRE SYNPHONAT

Founded in 1997 by three professionals passionate about food supplements, the Laboratoire Synphonat has defined its mission as the reappropriation by the individual of his health choice.

At the heart of its professions, the quality of the relationship with healthcare professionals has always been, for Synphonat, the governing principle in the monitoring process of the latest advances in the use of natural active ingredients. The non-negotiable course and responses to the needs of its customers.

So that its products deliver the best of their potential, Synphonat thus trusts the accompaniment of qualified therapists who allow their patients to "grow" in their knowledge of their body, understanding its balances and mastering the most conducive to healthy living.

Today Synphonat is a cooperative of 26 employees including 21 associates who, from the formulation and research of the ingredients to their distribution on the French market, mobilize all their skills and passion so that in front of your health choices you will never be alone.