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List of products by manufacturer NUXE

Aliza Jabès & NUXE

"Fascinated by the unquantifiable power of plants, and convinced from an early age by my father, pharmacy researcher, that the plant world is the place to start when seeking out major therapeutic discoveries"

“ I selected five fundamentals that, day after day inspire my beauty philosophy and provide my focus for building the NUXE brand:

- Nature as a source of inspiration. Inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is at the heart of my vision of cosmetics

- Innovation as fundamental principle. NUXE has had its own integrated Research & Development laboratory since the beginning. Today, 32 patents have already been filed and a number of others are being worked on.

- Evaluation as a requirement. A product is only launched once its safety and efficacy are proven by rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.

- Accessibility taken into consideration. he most effective natural cosmetics are not always the most expensive. I always aim to offer consumers high-performance products at a fair price.

- Sensory Experience by essence. To ensure effectiveness and frequent use, I am very attached to the sensory pleasure of different textures, the subtlety of the fragrances and captivating names. NUXE has become the natural cosmetics brand combining performance and pleasure, and one of the most sold * in pharmacies and drugstores in France.

NUXE's DNA is the marriage between the utmost discipline and a nice touch of poetry.

Our philosophy: Beautiful by Nature "

* Source: IMS figures at the end of March 2011 (in value) in pharmacies and drugstores - 3 classes


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