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List of products by manufacturer VASELINE

For generations, Vaseline has been THE ointment for skin care.

Skin that stays incredibly beautiful.

Wonderful wellbeing healthy skin can provide! Thanks to years of research on Vaseline giving you a glowing and radiant skin people will notice around you.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly - the 'Wonder Jelly' introduced in 1870 and Vaseline lotion have helped deliver healthy-looking, moisturized skin for 140 years.

It was discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, 22 year-old chemist from Brooklyn (New York). Oil rig workers discovered that rod wax, a petroleum by-product from oil rig pumps, healed their cuts and burns. Chesebrough extracted petroleum jelly from the rod wax and gave it to Brooklyn construction workers to treat their minor scratches and abrasions.

He rented a small factory and spent years refining and testing its product. In 1870, he patented his formula and Vaseline became a trademark. Vaseline then made its way into every home. Over ten years, Americans bought it at a rate of one jar per minute. Nowadays, it is in all the country's medicine cabinets.

In 1969, researchers working on this product discovered that using the latest techniques they could improve its moisturizing properties and developed a lightweight, non-greasy lotion. Today Vaseline is the first hand and body lotion sold in Canada.

Respected for over a century, Vaseline brand is keen to maintain this reputation and offer the skin the best of its expertise. It helps women and their families to have a healthy, hydrated skin - regardless of age, sex, stage of their existence or their way of life - by providing the best designed products to meet specific skin needs. Vaseline will continue to offer products meeting the consumers' everyday needs.