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List of products by manufacturer SKINCEUTICALS

To improve skin health and fight the major causes of natural or environmental skin aging, Skinceuticals develops quality products with scientifically proven results.

Created in 1997 by a team of scientists and renowned dermatologists, SkinCeuticals has made decisive advances in skin care, and is the source of cosmeceuticals in the United States. Born from decades of scientific research by Dr. Sheldon R. Pinnell, including the first topically pure vitamin C patented technology, SkinCeuticals researchers were true precursors in antioxidant and active photoprotection technology. Since that day, antioxidants have been recognized as essential components to prevent and correct the signs of natural and environmental aging (UV, pollution, stress, tobacco)

SkinCeuticals mission: to improve skin health and fight the major causes of skin aging.

Skincare philosophy is based on three fundamental principles:

- PREVENT the signs of premature aging by neutralizing free radicals causing oxidation and resulting in skin damage.

- PROTECT healthy skin from harmful UV effects, using sunscreens.

- CORRECT visible signs of aging to restore a youthful appearance and a bright complexion.


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